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A vision for returning democracy to the people, because peace on Earth requires peace with Earth.

The overall goal of NCEP is to facilitate peace and democracy in a manner that is Earth honoring and in balance with Nature and people's inner nature.

I'd like to invite everyone who is interested in building a realistic majority political party in the US, based on progressive goals and values that can return democracy to the people, to join us. The primary purpose of our NCEP e-mail list is to discuss practical ways to develop a coalition that will effectively and democratically take back our political system from special interests, corporate control, the far right, and business conservatives whose profit motives benefit the few at the expense of the many.

The coalition consists of four currently existing constituent groups: the Cultural Creatives, the US Green Party, the Earth Charter Initiative, and Project NatureConnect. These four groups already have a core set of common, shared values which can cohesively develop into an integrated strategy model-a model that can provide a progressive agenda in policy formulation that supports social and environmental justice as well as democratic political reform. Combined, this coalition will have the potential to build and deliver the 45% electorate base in the US that Paul Ray calls the New Progressives.

One of the advantages of using these four groups is that we can build on existing name recognition value, as well as increase the amount of public awareness of these four groups. All four groups are recognized and have a presence at the international as well as the national level, and they all reach across cultural, gender and racial boundaries. The vision is simple: These groups publicly agree to support each other toward the common good in support of the Global Life Community (or Web of Life, or whatever they are most comfortable with calling it.) In a combination of numbers, they would constitute a block of people about 75 million strong here in the US, which even the current corporate controlled media in the US can't afford to ignore. If they all show up at the polls, it will sweep the Republicrats right out of the halls of Congress. This is the goal for the 2004 US presidential election.

  1. The target demographic will be the Cultural Creatives. The core values and ideals of Cultural Creatives are given in this short questionnaire.
  2. The federally recognized political party will be the Green Party of the US. The core values of the Green Party are listed in the Ten Key Values statement:
  3. The foundational organizing document and principles - the Declaration of Interdependence - will be the Earth Charter.
  4. The process to use for the educational and healing shift in consciousness needed to bring it all to fruition will be the Natural Systems Thinking Process (NSTP) developed by Project NatureConnect.

The least well known of these groups is probably Project NatureConnect (PNC), which as part of the Institute of Global Education, is an NGO special consultant to the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Most people and organizations today recognize the need for change. There has been much written about the problems we face and that we need to affect change. No one, however, has come up with a process to get people to actually want to do this, or an alternative that can address people's fears and concerns, satisfy their needs, and give them hope that such change is not only possible but is in their, and everyone else's, long-term best interests. The NSTP is such a process

Here's the view of someone you probably all should be familiar with on the PNC program and the NSTP process: "This program offers an environmentally sound, educational process that reduces apathy, catalyzes peace and promotes mental health. It fulfills our personal and economic needs, deeper ideals and spirit. It deserves the attention of every person who seeks to reverse our troubles."
Dr. Robert Muller
Chancellor of the University for Peace, United Nations,
Assistant Secretary General Emeritus of the United Nations.
Recipient of the Albert Schweitzer Peace Prize and UNESCO prize for peace.

Let's create an effective coalition that will unify, inspire, and galvanize people who share common progressive values and ideals into supporting a recognized political party and environmentally sustainable initiatives that also hold these values and ideals. Let's become an effective catalyst and provide a workable process for change-together.



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