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Peace on Earth requires peace with Earth -- A vision for returning democracy to the people.

The Coalition of New Progressives consists of four core groups with common values:

  • Cultural Creatives
  • The Earth Charter
  • The Green Party of the United States
  • Project NatureConnect
And... an easily learnable and teachable process to help bring the coalition to fruition: The Natural Systems Thinking Process, the missing link in the way we think.

We're not just a group of tree-huggers. But, environmental concerns are the foundation for all of the other values, for two key reasons:

1.) A healthy and sustainable environment is necessary for a healthy and sustainable society, now and in the future.

We are born of the Earth, and the Earth provides all of our sustenance. If we are born from toxics, we will be toxic. If we eat and breath toxics, we will become toxic. This toxicity will flow into our social institutions.

2.) The basic attitude we have, as a society, in regard to the environment reflects how we regard all of the other relationships which create a healthy life of well-being for ourselves, and how we create, and exist within, the social system we are each an integral part of.

Our relationships - personal, social, environmental - define who we are and how we build our moral and ethical value systems. Environmental justice is social justice and economic justice, and leads to a peaceful world where love triumphs over hate and where the strength of creation triumphs over the power of destruction. If we are comfortable exploiting Nature, and with excessively consuming the Earth's resources, we will also be comfortable with exploiting people's inner nature, and in not finding the value in that which does not benefit us personally. This ultimately only serves to devalue ourselves. It takes us all, standing together, to build a democratically just America which can serve as a positive example to the rest of the world.



Cultural Creatives

Earth Charter

Green Party
of the US

Project NatureConnect

Further information about NCEP can be found on our vision page, in the proposal that was sent to key figures in the associated groups, in the list of our common values, and in our Views and Opinion Articles. If we're successful in gaining funding to further the outreach and goals of the coalition, the NCEP mail list archive will be made web readable and searchable. A statement from Dave Ewoldt, the NCEP founder and Executive Director of Attraction Retreat, is also available.

For more indepth information about progressive goals, values, and philosophy, see our Kindred Spirits page. Here you'll find links to other groups and organizations involved with progressive politics, environmental justice and sustainability, and social justice and economic reform.


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