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A vision for returning democracy to the people, because peace on Earth requires peace with Earth.

To subscribe to NaturallyCreativeEarthPolitics@reststop.net send an e-mail message to NaturallyCreativeEarthPolitics-requests@reststop.net with the word - subscribe - by itself on the first line of the message body. If your e-mail program automatically adds a signature to all your messages, and you can't turn this option off on individual messages, put the command - end - by itself on the second line of the message so the list software doesn't return an error message to you saying it couldn't process the commands in your signature. You can use any subject line you like, or none at all, as the list program will just ignore it.

The list software will send a confirmation message to you, to make sure it was really you who requested a subscription to the mail list. Just reply to that message, and you'll be a member of the list. The unsubscribe process works the same way, so that no-one but yourself will be able to unsubscribe you from the list. But, since we're all progressives, that shouldn't be much of a concern, right? :-)

Another potential problem is using an e-mail program that defaults to sending a fancy or HTML (Web page) version of each message you send. Microsoft Outlook and AOL Mail are prime offenders in this regard. Those messages aren't really plain text, even though they appear to be. If you get an error message from the list software saying something like "this" is not a recognized command, it's because your subscribe message really didn't start with the word subscribe, but with something like "This is an Internet mail message in multipart MIME format." It is usually possible to turn off the option to send fancy or formatted messages and just send plain text, which is what e-mail should be (although this is a personal bias no longer shared by the majority of Internet e-mail users, it seems :-) but if this doesn't work, or if it seems harder than it should be to find this option in your e-mail program, please just send a subscribe message to dave@reststop.net and I'll add you. This is fairly simple and takes me only a few seconds to do, and I don't mind at all.



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