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-=- 02.1.Libraries

Like a child who enjoys reading, a cyberpoet will return often to hir favorite net.repository of information and check for new 'books.' Unlike everyday reality [ER], there are thousands of libraries and also unlike ER they are usually less then 100 keystrokes away. No fossil fuel is burned; they are almost never closed; and the cost of use is minimal, undoubtedly a few steps in the right direction.

A cyberpoet with a good memory or a handy Personnal Digital Assistant [PDA](such as a Newton, Sharp, or Intelligent Agent) will often be able to list off hir favorite net.repositories upon request. However it is often useful to have a pre-made list of common sites to forward if time is short or the PDA is without batteries. Consider this such a list.

FTP sites - the self service library

Telnetable Repositories

Gopher Space

A menu based realm of information access. To use these gopher servers, 'gopher gopher.server.name', (unless otherwise noted) else hunt them down from the global menu. Much gopher stuff is duplicated at ftp sites, and vica versa.


share interesting gopher finds via this elist


msg: sub gopherjewels your name

World Wide Web

Although others would claim that WWW isn't the latest greatest thing on the Internet, it is just beginning to come into wider use (what with the advent of Mosaic at al). So, like a good soldier, I have added this section. It is small now, but with your support, and a keen eye, it will grow fast.

Introducing Lynx. The solution too your dialup WWW needs.

Lynx (a textbased WWW server)

code available via ftp at ftp2.cc.ukans.edu pub/lynx or try out lynx by telnetting to:

Web Sites:

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-=- 02.2.Museums, galleries & stuph

Every subculture has art it can call it's own. Indeed, some would say that without art it would not really be a culture at all. The world of virtual culture is no exception. Civilizations, uncivilized that they are, have been prone to collecting art in museums, supposedly to make public viewing easier. The result, however, is that only a few people see this art every year and the scarcity of this viewing makes the art-world seem elitist. To some extent, this has been replicated in virutal space.

However, the medium of the net allows for wider distribution and new spaces for all forms of art. New spaces, even new artforms, pop up all the time and hopefully find their way into this document. This activity seems to be both motivated by and motivating a groundswell in popular art and computer mediated art.

Gopher, FTP & WWW sites

Art Centered Elists


Misc Internet Art